PT. Delta Hartono Indonesia

PT. Delta Hartono Indonesia was created amidst heavy competition among chemicals business major players at that time. However, with strong will, idealism, and positive enthusiasm that motivated the founders of our company have succeeded to transform intricacy into a challenge that have evolved our company to grow bigger through our excellent service to our clients.

PT. Delta Hartono Indonesia is a company who provide cleaning chemicals with a brand “BRIGHT CLEAN”. We provide a wide-variety cleaning chemical products from industrial and institutional needs and also waste water treatment chemicals and cleaning services for power plant,tank cleaning,etc. Our products include: Super Degreaser, , Oil Spill Dispersant, Rust Remover, Electro Cleaner,Rust Protection,Rust Remover, Paint Remover, Solvent Degreaser, Sun Metal, Floor Cleaner, All Purpose Cleaner, FIDD, Bioklin,Sodium Metabisulphite ,PAC and many more